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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage massage

Somatic Massage Therapy, PC helps your body feel and perform better through natural, cutting edge treatments. Our bodies can become a house for toxins that drain our energy and make us feel sickly. Those toxins can be removed through a strategic procedure known as Lymphatic Drainage massage. We are bombarded daily with outside toxins and toxins through unhealthy food and beverages and we must remove them or eventually be overtaken!

How does Somatic Massage Therapy, PC remove toxins?

Your appointment begins with a few questions from your personal therapist. The Somatic Massage Therapy, PC atmosphere is quiet and soothing, making for a very relaxing environment. Your toxin removal session is as though we are cleaning out the accumulated “garbage” in your system. This requires light, gentle motions that activate and “pump” lymph fluids, sending toxins to the lymph glands, aiding in the removal. Not only are we removing toxins but we’re generating nutritive substances and hormones to your body. By promoting lymph flow to the nodes, filtration and purification occurs enhancing liver function, building the immune system and increasing fluid movement to and from organs and tissues.Learn more from Somatic Massage Therapy, PC

How will I feel after the toxin drainage?

Chances are you will feel nothing but relaxation due to the gentle technique utilized. Results will vary depending on the amount of toxins in your body…some notice complete relaxation while others notice a huge burst of energy. There have been instances where clients feel drained of energy and notice “flu-like” symptoms for a day or so. The simple remedy is to increase your water intake and continue to release toxins. It’s important to note that once we begin the process of toxin removal, you will want to continue because of how well you feel. It’s important to keep toxins flowing through the natural process and Somatic Massage Therapy, PC has a full staff of accomplished, friendly and licensed therapists that assure your optimum results.

Convenient an affordable!                                                                                   

Somatic Massage Therapy & Spa provides FREE consultation and an opportunity for busy or home-bound clients to have a therapist come to you! You can schedule a mobile massage and we’ll come to your home or office. Our exclusive Spa Club Memberships offer great savings on all our services and Spa quality products! Contact Somatic Massage Therapy, PC for Spa Club Information!

Good health and more energy is possible through natural methods that have been perfect at Somatic Massage Therapy, PC. We are passionate and skilled in our craft and look forward to introducing you to a new world of feeling great!

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